What is the lip balm? Lip sunscreens are cosmetic treatment products that create a protective layer on the lips. In this way, it isolates them from external agents that can damage them. For this reason, some of them incorporate different vitamins among their ingredients that help keep the lips healthy, juicy and hydrated.
In addition, some also include a sun protection factor, so their effectiveness is maximum. The sun, the wind and the cold are some of the aggressive factors we are exposed to many days. Therefore, this product is used daily. The lips are susceptible and incredibly forgotten in care routines; hence, they tend to get irritated or crack easily.
Benefits of lip balm The benefits of using a lip balm 365 days a year are as follows.
They improve your appearance. Caring for your lips will help strengthen the skin in this area. Therefore, if you use a protector, you will prevent them from cracking easily, and their appearance will be soft and smooth. They maintain hydration. The lips, like the face, are an area highly exposed to the weather and different external agents.
Thinner skin than the rest of the face makes them more sensitive to flaking or cracking. That is why you need to ensure a good hydration level and that the skin maintains the elasticity it requires.
Prevents ageing Like the rest of the skin, the lips also age. The passage of time makes them thinner, and even small expression lines or more or less visible wrinkles may appear on them. Keep them well-nourished and hydrated to delay the appearance of these apparent signs of ageing. Protection against external aggressions. The skin in this area cracks easily. Therefore, if you apply an appropriate lip balm relatively frequently, a protective layer creates on them. In this way, they will be better protected against the wind and cold. Risks of not using lip balm Lip sun protection is one of the best defences to combat the effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. However, many people forget this in summer and the rest of the year. Just as you care for the skin of the body and face, you should also take care of your lips’ fine and sensitive skin. With these cosmetics, you hydrate, nourish and protect against external agents (sun, wind, sudden temperature changes. They directly impact the state and luminosity of this striking part of our face. The most significant risk of not using a lip sunscreen daily is that your lips will be more exposed to these external agents. In this way, they will become More prone to the appearance of irritations, cracks, peeling and burns. You can even get lip cancer. What is the recommended SPF in a lip balm? In the field of lip care, not all products are created equal. Therefore, if you want to protect your lips completely, your lipstick must incorporate an SPF or sun protection factor. If you’re after a protective action, you’ll need a specific stick. Simply putting on ordinary lipstick or lip gloss is not enough, as this can be counterproductive and make any chapping or irritation you have worse. The glosses that highlight the lips act as a magnet for ultraviolet radiation. As a consequence, the risk of lip burns is higher. For this reason, we recommend that you buy an excellent lip sunscreen so that your lips look enviable and well-protected. Some people rely on applying a small layer of the sun protection factor they use for the body on the lips. The reason is that you can risk irritation and even accidentally ingest it. However, using a specific sunscreen lip does not carry risks, as it is specially designed for that part of the face. Your stick should have at least SPF 15 or higher to protect you from the sun. How can you choose the best lip balm with sun protection? Having a specific balm to protect your lips from the sun’s harmful rays is essential. But, in addition, this must repair, nourish and moisturize the skin. It would help if you used it approximately every two hours during summer. And although it is resistant to water, the ideal is to reapply it after taking a dip or having a drink.
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